Everything has its place

Manage all of your video production assets securely on one platform.

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Fast file upload

Lightning fast file upload via web, desktop, mobile, and FTP. MediaSilo supports most common file types and optimizes all uploaded content for fast preview.

Organize by project and folder hierarchy

MediaSilo supports organization based on projects and folders, as well as metadata-driven asset organization.

Metadata groups and templates

MediaSilo lets teams set up comprehensive metadata templates and requires contributors to provide key information on upload.

Powerful search

Sophisticated, metadata-driven search lets users search and find relevant media.

QC metadata

Automatically retrieve MediaInfo-based metadata to ensure media matches QC requirements.

Zapier integration

Connect to hundreds of apps and services through Zapier.


Connect with hundreds of applications by enabling web hooks that trigger events  automating notifications, keeping logs, or tracking assets externally.

Role-based user management

Create custom roles using our flexible permission model, and assign roles to users on a project basis.

Decentralized management

MediaSilo uses a delegation model that allows individual project managers to control content and project membership to help scale media workflows when working with large teams.

Desktop, mobile, and Apple TV applications

Use MediaSilo as a dedicated application on Windows and Mac OS, Android and iOS mobile, or Apple TV operating systems.


Manage multiple versions of assets, and view comments across all versions of a file. Compare versions of assets in a side-by-side view.

File-tagging and metadata

Use file tags or metadata to categorize and find files quickl when you need them.


Do more. Together.

Sophisticated collaboration tools that let creators create.

Time-coded annotations

Comment directly on a frame or range of a project, and tag users directly to ensure your feedback is seen.

Internal review

Compare versions of a project with side-by-side review. Set statuses keep projects moving. 

External review

Collaborate with stakeholders by sending external review links that don't take up paid seats.

Private review

Limit comments to a select group of users to keep feedback confidential.


Get notified when new content is available.

Custom branding

Upload your logo to add custom branding to your review links.

Adobe integration

Connect to MediaSilo from within your favorite Adobe tools, such as Premier, After Effects, or Photoshop.

Video, image and document review

Comment on video assets, still images and documents such as scripts and contracts.

Review natively from anywhere

Use MediaSilo’s dedicated applications on Windows and Mac OS, Android and iOS mobile, or Apple TV operating systems to facilitate review from any location.

Audience analytics

See which content gets viewed most often or which users engage most frequently.

Sharing to user groups

Use tags to share content with specific user groups in one click.

Distribution list management

Access and reuse past distribution lists by storing them in your workspace.


Presentation matters

Transform your content into stunning visual experiences

Page Builder

Easily create great-looking websites using Spotlight. Instead of cookie cutter, your design team can build anything imaginable.

Custom Templates

Create custom templates and share them with users in your workspace to enable everyone on your team to share content in style.

Automatic Publishing and Updating

Automate content from your asset library directly to your Spotlight presentations. Content is automatically updated as new files are uploaded.

Access controls

Share access to specific users, by password, or open access to the public.

Audience analytics

See which content gets the most views, or which users are the most engaged.

1-click sharing

Use templates and share content with a single click from within projects and folders.

Default templates

Get started quickly with default templates for common uses such as reels, review, and content catalogs.


Build slides directly in Spotlight for your next presentation, and eliminate the need for outside apps like PowerPoint.


Security, check

Enterprise-grade security trusted by the biggest names in business and entertainment.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Employ multi-factor authentication for specific users or an entire workspace to add a layer of security.

Forensic watermarks

Invisible tags trace a video to the user who requested playback, making it possible to trace leaks.

Watermark templates

Create and share watermark templates for a team or user group to unify your security efforts.

Visible watermarks

User-specific information is burned directly onto video content, image asset, and documents to create a robust layer of theft-deterrence. Customizable watermarking can include text and graphic elements such as logos or brands. 


Integrate your enterprise SSO system into MediaSilo using all the standard protocols (SAML, ADFS, OKTA, etc.) to achieve more centralized control over user access. (*For enterprise clients.)

Role-Based Project Permissions

Assign project-based permissions for standard or customized roles to provide flexibility and control over what a user can do in a given project.

SOC 2 Type 2 Certification

Our SOC 2 Type 2 Security Trust Principle certification offers 3rd-party-audited proof that our internal operations are secure.

Real-time security

SafeStream secures content in real time with individual streams for each user.

Workspace or project-level watermarking

Create watermarking standards for specific projects or entire workspaces.

Passwordless login

Create one-time links that enhance security by confirming browser and machine identity and grant access tokens for login.

Ad-hoc watermarking

Send review links with custom watermarks for one-off use cases.

Lifecycle policies

Set expiration dates for project assets and review links.


Knowledge is power

Analytics that turn data into insights.

User Activity

Track individual users across review links and presentations.

File or Asset Activity

Track file or asset activity to determine the most and least popular assets.

Review Link Activity

Track your review links to see comments, approvals, and views.


Measure drop-off points in your video and see which videos keep users most engaged.

Presentation Activity

Track how well your Spotlight presentations perform.

Data Export

Export your data in various formats.


Play well with others

Connect effortlessly to MediaSilo from within the creative tools you use most.