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Video sharing simplified.

MediaSilo helps production companies, post-houses and media giants around the globe be more productive.

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MediaSilo is Easy

A platform for media creators by media creators. Just use a web browser to manage, share, and send files.

Flexible Pricing Options

Choose to pay month-by-month or lock in a discount on six, twelve, or twenty four month terms.

MediaSilo is Secure

Aligned with MPAA guidelines, MediaSilo passes the mark on digital security.

Supported by Pros

Call, chat, or browse our knowledge base to get answers by video pros - not call centers.

MediaSilo is Powerful

File sharing or complete media asset management in the cloud, MediaSilo scales with your demands.

Developer Support

Extend MediaSilo by building your own apps through the API. Download sample code to get started.

Video Sharing

Share with one - share with many

Sharing video online can be difficult. There are file size limitations, codec issues, and mobile devices to consider. MediaSilo takes the guesswork out of video file sharing by providing simple tools for uploading, organizing and sending video files up to 10GB in size.

Using state-of-the art file transfer acceleration, upload just about any file and MediaSilo will make sure it can be viewed on all platforms in high quality. Whether you upload from the desktop, via FTP, or through the browser, moving large files is not a problem anymore.

MediaSilo's sharing features include QuickLinks for instantly sharing video previews, Microsites for sharing your reels in style, and Channels to embed video into any website.

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We needed a storage system for decades worth of multimedia assets. We were looking for a platform that was user friendly, made uploads and organization easy while allowing for comprehensive searching and sharing.

MediaSilo was the one company that met all of our needs.

Elizabeth Kelsey

Director of Initiatives & Events - Hilton Worldwide


Across the office or across the globe

Collaborating with your team often means being in multiple places at once. Your producer needs to review video, your promo department needs to get an embeddable clip, your editor needs footage for rough-cuts. MediaSilo is the hub for your media and your team. With support for metadata and powerful search options, MediaSilo makes organizing and finding media a breeze. Organize media by projects, folders, and tags so others members of your team can find what they need when they need it.

MediaSilo's iPad and iPhone apps let you work on the road. Download content for offline viewing, commenting, or presenting on the big screen via AirPlay. Download the iOS apps for free in the App Store.

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MediaSilo is the only complete package to store, catalog and and tag footage with metadata as well as providing a way for clients to review and approve projects.

MediaSilo has streamlined our workflow and taken out some of the middle steps that we use to have to do.

Robert Gilkes

Video Production Coordinator - Atlanta Falcons

Asset Management

Making sense of your ever-growing content library

You've been there - a client calls to ask you for source footage from 6 months ago. You start to go through your drives on the shelf and it takes hours to locate the clip. MediaSilo provides you and your client with on-demand access to your video content so you can find and download what you're looking for.

The MediaSilo platform encourages users to tag content and apply metadata so it's easy to find later on. The powerful search engine scans across all metadata, including transcripts, to instantly retrieve long-lost content. Best of all, it's self serve - so the next time your client needs access to footage, they know where to go.

Need to catalog a large library of content? MediaSilo can work with you to scan entire volumes, upload content, and tag it on-the-fly. Ask a MediaSilo Representative about more complex archiving workflows using Amazon Glacier or Iron Mountain.

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Our clients appreciate not having to constantly be in our editing suites and our editors are able to have basic editorial decisions made on-line without having to schedule an in-suite editing session.

MediaSilo enables us to get to approved finished versions of projects faster and with fewer changes.”

R. Michael Murray

Director, Media Production - Dartmouth College

Online Delivery

Get video to your customers in whatever way works best for them

Deliver your finished video projects to your customers in style. Post the content on a branded Media Portal, or send them a set of Quicklinks where they can download their content.

MediaSilo can also work with you to enable drag & drop delivery to you customers via FTP destinations or Aspera servers.

Need to deliver video files to a custom destinations? Just contact the MediaSilo Professional Services team.

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MediaSilo has given us a really powerful tool to work with and help further bring our clients into what we do. We think it's been a great fit for us and we think that all companies similar to ours, large or small, would benefit from MediaSilo.

Ted Rob

InHouse Creative Studios

Mobile Apps

Your entire video library available anywhere, right at your fingertips.

Your MediaSilo library is accessible on your iPad and iPhone via our native iOS Apps. Review video and make comments while off site. Send a Quicklink directly to your director, producer or customer and they’ll see it wherever they are. Your reviewers can also mark files for offline viewing, so they can review and comment on content without an internet connection on a plane or in a hotel room.

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MediaSilo has played a pivotal role in our post production workflow for years now. It gives us the ability to send videos out for review to anyone with access to a computer or mobile device.

Our clients and collaborators rely on viewing and downloading clips 24/7 and MediaSilo continues to deliver.”

Brian Goldstein

Sr. Videographer/Editor - Consumer Reports

Media Portals

Video publishing made easy.

MediaSilo's Media Portals let you present video clips on a branded website. Your audience can search or browse the portal for video, then watch the video and add it to a cart for download. Launch a portal with hand-picked content or create dynamic portals fed by powerful metadata filters. Publishing videos on your site has never been easier.

Used for high-profile events such as the MTV Video Music Awards, Media Portals offer a completely automated way to publish content to your audience.

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We’ve been working with MediaSilo for a while for review and approval, getting rid of DVDs in our workflows, and getting people to work in a collaborative space. We’ve realized that there are a lot of features in MediaSilo that we could exploit for different types of production needs.

Jason Pattan

Director of Content Production - MTV


Your content is in good hands.

Approved by most Hollywood Studios and Television Networks, MediaSilo incorporates the highest level of security. Audits by the MPAA and content security departments of several major film studios have certified company practices and the system’s technical safety.

MediaSilo provides content protection on multiple levels including control over user access through granular permissions, integration with Single Sign On (SSO), 256-bit encryption, and follows best practices for encrypting video content online including forensic watermarking (optional service).

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MediaSilo just makes our lives more simple, easy and efficient. One of its biggest advantages is having the ability to access video anywhere at anytime, whether its on your laptop or on your iPad.

You can be on the go and not be stuck in the office. Finding MediaSilo was like finding a gem in the rough.

Scott Jacobson

Producer - ITV Studios


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